The Colombo Plan Secretariat

Environment & Climate Change (ECC)

The Colombo Plan Programme For Environment And Climate Change (CPECC)

CPECC is aimed at environment preservation by addressing capacity building on waste management, renewable energy, eco-tourism and climate change through training programmes, international conferences and community awareness campaigns.
The Colombo Plan has launched collaborative brainstorming sessions with the ASEAN Biodiversity Center for a pivotal project aimed at assisting communities in mitigating the adverse effects of biodiversity decline on ecosystems and ensuring access to critical resources.
At the heart of this initiative is the empowerment and capacity-building of women within these communities to manage impacts of climate change effectively by fostering sustainable livelihood and biodiversity conservation in localities. This initiative is set to commence in January 2025.

A few notable initiatives from past years:

“One Child One Tree”

Puttalam (25 October 2019)

25 October 2019

“One Child One Tree”

Anuradhapura (6 November 2019)

6 November 2019

“One Child One Tree”

Vietnam (April 2019)

April 2019

International Workshop on Environment and Climate Change

New Delhi, India (April 2018)

April 2018

“One Child One Tree”

Sri Lanka (since June 2018)

June 2018

The “Green Concert”

(December 2018)

December 2018

Training on Waste Management and Renewable Energy for CP member countries

South Korea (July 2017)

July 2017